Spanish Pilot

Multi apartment residential buildings in Murcia, Spain (MIWENERGIA)

Demo site number two takes place in Murcia, Spain. In the residential neighborhood of Joven Futura, we can find the twenty apartments where the PRECEPT solution is going to be implemented by MIWenergía.


With the deployment of IoT devices, the application of BigData, and BIM technologies, users from four different buildings are going to experience an improvement in living comfort and a decrease in energy cost.


Taking advantage of the three thousand sunshine hours through a 20kW shared photovoltaic installation in this semi-arid location, combined with innovative demand response technologies, PRECEPT will transform the actual buildings from 2006 to proactive ones.


Each dwelling is 90sqm and has a total annual energy consumption of 3.5MWh, with the typical configuration for buildings in the south-east of Spain, making the pilot highly replicable up to 4 million flats based on similar typology and performance.