Terms and policy for the PRECEPT platforms

Terms and policy for the PRECEPT Operational and Social Collaboration Platform

By accessing and utilizing the PRECEPT application along with its associated platform, you indicate your acceptance of the principles and regulations delineated below. These stipulations shall inherently govern your usage. The platform, the applications per se, and all associated trademarks, copyrights, database rights, and further intellectual property rights shall remain the exclusive possessions of PRECEPT. Through consenting to these term conditions, users affirm their dedication to fostering a constructive environment in line with the objectives of the PRECEPT social collaboration platform and the overall welfare of the community..

Section 1: PRECEPT Social Collaboration Functionalities

Considering that, the PRECEPT social collaboration content aims to enhance interactions and knowledge-sharing among relevant stakeholders, the social collaboration platform will feature the following social collaboration functionalities:

  • Context-Aware Knowledge Sharing: Stakeholders can communicate based on contextual knowledge, fostering effective collaboration.
  • Direct Communication: Users can engage through sound, video, and text, enabling direct and meaningful interactions.
  • Support for Suggestions: The platform facilitates sharing suggestions for proactive measures, promoting innovation.
  • Best Practices Identification: Users can identify and share best practices related to energy efficiency, well-being, and other pertinent aspects.
  • Third-Party Engagement: External entities are encouraged to participate, sharing ideas and contributing to the social collaboration network.
  • Events and Community Building: The platform includes features for organizing PRECEPT events and forming communities, fostering a connected work environment.

Section 2: Privacy Policy

PRECEPT gathers only the essential personal information relevant to its operations, solely for the purpose of the designated study. To uphold your privacy, a randomly generated code is employed in lieu of your actual name for all study-related data (pseudo-anonymization). This distinct code does not possess the capacity for direct re-identification. Any data that could lead to your identification (including but not limited to name and phone number) will be eliminated, encrypted, and stored separately within the project evaluation campaign’s controlled systems. Collection of sensitive personal data is not within our purview.

Publication of study findings will maintain strict confidentiality and will not divulge personal data. Rest assured, your information should not be shared with advertisers or any other commercial entities. Neither your personal contacts, application usage patterns, phone behaviors, message content, personal images, nor visited websites will be collected. The data acquired will exclusively serve the scope of this study.

PRECEPT places paramount importance on data protection and management, adhering to the elevated standards set forth in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our commitment leads us to align with all pertinent GDPR provisions upon their enforcement in May 2018.

Our GDPR Principles:

  • All processing of personal data will be conducted justly and legally.
  • Personal data will only be processed for well-defined and legitimate objectives.
  • Personal data will not be retained beyond the necessary duration (end of PRECEPT project).
  • Comprehensive security measures will be implemented to safeguard all personal data.

Section 3: Data protection

PRECEPT’s data collection encompasses the following categories: a) energy consumption data; b) contextual data from sensors; c) processed data (e.g., disaggregated consumption data, thermal comfort); d) all data you enter in the App chat. To ensure the utmost security, data encryption during both transfer and storage is rigorously implemented, and any data transmissions undergo essential security measures (e.g., HTTPS connections). Adhering to EU and national legislations pertinent to the data collection location, the storage and processing of human-related data are meticulously conducted.

All data processing methodologies are carefully designed to prevent the identification of personal information. It is important to note that all sensors and monitoring systems transmitting personal information remain impervious to interception. Data linked to energy consumption maintain a strict state of anonymity. In certain instances, PRECEPT may request supplementary data inputs to foster a deeper comprehension of user behavior and facilitate energy-saving recommendations. Users are granted the discretion to provide these supplementary inputs voluntarily, acknowledging that such inputs might be employed for scientific research objectives by PRECEPT project partners. Crucially, no data shall be disclosed to third parties without proper anonymization measures, thereby safeguarding against any correlation between energy consumption data and individual users.

Section 4: Your Responsibilities and Conduct

By utilizing the service, you pledge to adhere to all relevant laws and regulations governing its use.

  • The information, materials (including sensors and smart meters), and database made accessible to you are intended solely for your personal use. You are explicitly prohibited from transferring, selling, attempting to transfer or sell, or granting access to or use of the information, materials, database, or website (or any portion or feature thereof), as well as any associated rights or obligations, to any other individual, except in cases where: (a) said usage aligns with the purpose for which access was granted; or (b) such action is explicitly sanctioned by PRECEPT in written form.
  • You undertake not to: (a) Engage in fraudulent activities or employ the platform, information, materials, or database in connection with or for the advancement of criminal activities, or in any manner that violates the law; (b) Attempt to gain unauthorized entry to the information, materials, database, platform, or any connected networks, by any means whatsoever; (c) Modify any portion of the information, materials, database, or the platform itself; (d) Insert in the platform data that may consent personal identification (eg. name, personal images, etc.) and in any case you undertake to not share through the platform personal data.

Section 5: Definition and Prohibition of Objectionable Content

To ensure a positive and purposeful environment within the scope of the PRECEPT social collaboration platform, the following content is strictly defined as objectionable and prohibited:

  • Non-Energy-Related Content: Content that does not pertain to energy efficiency, well-being, or the platform’s intended purpose is not allowed.
  • Sexual Content: Any form of explicit or sexual content is strictly prohibited.
  • Abusive Content: Content that is offensive, harmful, or abusive towards individuals or groups is not allowed.
  • Child Prohibition: The platform is intended for adult users only. Children, as defined in the Families policy, are strictly prohibited from accessing the platform.
  • Monetization Prohibition: The PRECEPT social collaboration platform is a non-monetization app. Any form of monetization or incentives within the platform is strictly prohibited.

Section 6: Content Moderation and Compliance

  • Robust User-Generated Content (UGC) Moderation: The platform will implement thorough and consistent content moderation to ensure compliance with the defined guidelines.
  • User Reporting Mechanism: Users are encouraged to report any objectionable content they come across for timely action.
  • Immediate Action: The platform will promptly review reported content and take necessary actions, including removal and potential user sanctions.
  • Regular Review and Updates: The definition of objectionable content and moderation techniques will be periodically reviewed and updated to stay aligned with evolving standards.
  • User Deletion for Violation: Users found uploading objectionable content will have their accounts promptly deleted by the app moderator.

Section 7: Community Well-Being and Respect

  • Promotion of Positive Interaction: Users are expected to contribute to a respectful, positive, and collaborative environment.
  • Encouraging Knowledge Exchange: The platform encourages users to share valuable insights, knowledge, and best practices.
  • Safe and Inclusive Space: All users should feel safe, respected, and included while participating in discussions and collaborations.

Section 8: Consequences of Violation

  • Content Removal: Objectionable content will be promptly removed from the platform.
  • User Sanctions: Users found in violation of the content guidelines may face sanctions, including temporary or permanent suspension from the platform.
  • Appropriate Measures: The platform reserves the right to take any necessary action to maintain a safe and productive environment.

Section 9: Compliance with Legal Standards

  • Legal Obligations: The platform will adhere to all relevant laws and regulations governing user-generated content, privacy, and online interactions.

Section 10: Effective Date and Updates

Effective Date: These UGC terms will take effect upon platform launch.

Updates: The platform reserves the right to update these terms as needed. Users will be notified of any significant changes.

Section 11: Miscellaneous

  1. You confirm that you have familiarized yourself with the comprehensive PRECEPT information, which furnishes additional insights into the project, including its purpose, expected duration, and study procedures. Your concurrence with these particulars is understood.
  2. Through your utilization of the PRECEPT platform/application, you grant your explicit consent to the collection of data and the monitoring of various parameters. This encompasses the energy consumption of buildings and specific devices (such as lighting, heating/cooling systems, monitors, and other appliances).
  3. You acknowledge that ample time was afforded for your contemplation regarding participation and engagement with the PRECEPT platform/application.You acknowledge your prerogative to exit the study at any juncture and to discontinue your use of services without the obligation to provide justification.
  4. You comprehend that departing from the study entails furnishing a written declaration (sans explanation) and returning any project-provided equipment, if applicable.
  5. You possess knowledge about the protocol for data storage.
  6. You are cognizant of the confidentiality standards pertaining to your personal data, and you recognize that the dissemination of study outcomes preserves the privacy of personal information.
  7. Remaining steadfast within the parameters of confidentiality, you grant permission to the researchers involved in the study to employ the information exclusively for study-related purposes.

Section 12: Disclaimer – No Warranties

Neither we nor any third parties offer any form of warranty or assurance regarding the accuracy, timeliness, performance, comprehensiveness, or appropriateness of the information, products, and services expounded upon or provided through this platform, with regard to any particular purpose. We cannot guarantee the absolute absence of inaccuracies or errors within such information and materials, and we explicitly disclaim any responsibility for such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent allowed by law. Your utilization of any information or materials on this platform is solely your decision, for which we assume no liability. Ensuring that any products, services, or information accessible through this website cater to your precise requirements is your sole responsibility. Any unauthorized utilization of this platform/application may result in claims for damages and/or be classified as a criminal offense.


None of the PRECEPT project partners can be held accountable for any damages arising from the improper usage of energy consumption data. The data managed by the PRECEPT system are exclusively intended to foster conscientious energy consumption practices. Any alternative utilization or interpretation falls beyond the purview of the PRECEPT project’s objectives and scope.

Further information

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