Account Deletion and Project Withdrawal

Account Deletion and Project Withdrawal for PRECEPT Social project and apps

We value your participation in the PRECEPT project and understand that circumstances may lead to changes in your engagement. If you wish to withdraw from the project and have your application account deleted, we’ve streamlined the process for your convenience:


Account Deletion and Project Withdrawal:

  1. If you decide to leave the project, you have the right to do so without providing justification.
  2. Notify the pilot manager of your decision to withdraw from the project. Your feedback is valuable to us, and your departure will help us refine and improve our offerings.
  3. Upon receiving your withdrawal notice, the pilot manager will inform the PRECEPT app moderator.


Account Deletion by PRECEPT App Moderator:

  1. Once informed by the pilot manager, the PRECEPT app moderator will initiate the account deletion process.
  2. Your account will be promptly deleted from the platform, along with any associated data.


Equipment Return:

  1. If you have been provided with any PRECEPT equipment during your involvement in the project, please ensure that all equipment is returned.
  2. Arrange for the equipment’s return according to the instructions provided by the pilot manager or relevant personnel.


Data Removal:

  1. Once your account is deleted, your personal data will be removed from the PRECEPT platform.
  2. Any content you’ve contributed may still be available on the platform till the end of the PRECET project, but will be anonymized and dissociated from your account.


We respect your autonomy in managing your involvement, and we’re here to support you through this process. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. Your experience matters to us, and we’re committed to ensuring a smooth transition if you choose to move on from the PRECEPT Social Collaboration Platform.