Pre-Pilot CERTH

Pre-pilot : CERTH’s Smart House in Greece

The pre-validation phase will take place in CERTH/ITI nZEB Smart House:


A rapid prototyping & novel technologies demonstration infrastructure resembling a real domestic building where occupants can experience actual living scenarios while exploring various innovating smart IoT-based technologies.


  • No National Limitations regarding architecture design or construction
  • Built as Laboratory (not a conventional house)
  • Modern Design
  • >300m2  Main House and Supporting Areas (Demo Room, Control Rooms)


Existing Infrastructure:


Smart and Fully controllable LOADs

      • Dimming & On/Off Lighting – Indoor and Outdoor
      • HVAC (complete monitoring and control of a VRV installation)
      • Smart Home Appliances (Siemens WiFi enabled appliances)

Energy Generation & Storage (A highly flexible and adaptable installation):

      • 9,57 kWp Thin Film PVs with a 10 kW Inverter (Modbus enabled)
      • 4,68 kWh Lithium Ion Batteries distributed to 3 single phase 3kW Inverters (Modbus enabled).
      • Islanding capability of basic House Loads.

Big Data

      • High-Performance Computing Online and Connected
      • Four processing nodes