Netherlands Pilot

Huuske van Hooghkamer, Voorhout, Netherland

The Huuske van Hooghkamer is a newly built residential building complex consisting of 18 so-called NOM (ZeroEnergy) 60m2 apartments (3-rooms) for social rental. This 3-storey building (1 ground floor, 1st floor and 2nd floor) is owned and managed by Dutch Housing association STEK. Each apartment is energy-efficient featuring high insulation materials, ventilation equipment, and floor heating system connected to a geothermal heat pump.


On the rooftop PV panels ate installed; thus allowing the building to generate more energy on sunny days and that over the entire year no energy needs to be purchased from energy companies. Instead of the normal energy bill, each resident will pay an Energy Performance Fee (EPV) to the lessor.


Each dwelling is equipped with a range of different IoT devices allowing end-users to monitor their energy consumption and automate the operation of some home appliances.