German Pilot

Residential/ Multi-family building in Velten, Germany (CLEOPA)

The German demo site is a three-storey Residential/Multi-family building located in Velten. The building has built in 1907 and consists of 6 apartments with a living area of 335m2. The building is located in an Oceanic Climate which is the predominant climate type across much of Western Europe.


The building’s energy systems represent the dominant building typology and performance in Germany. There is a central heating system powered by oil as a fuel, whereas there is no mechanical cooling as happens frequently in Oceanic Climates due to the absence of hot and dry summers. The energy consumption of the building is at 156,5 kWh/m²a, a consumption which corresponds to the primary energy consumption of the building according to the energy performance certificate.


The sensors to be deployed cover a wide range of internal sensors and IoT devices for monitoring consumption and human comfort and external sensors for monitoring environmental conditions. Taking advantage of the PRECEPT solution, this pilot aims to combine smart automation, IoT and machine learning technologies to enable the transformation of the pilot into proactive and energy efficient.