PRECEPT 1st in person general assembly meeting in Thessaloniki

On 15-17 March 2022 the PRECEPT project partners joined forces during the 1st Project’s non-remote meeting. The PRECEPT general assembly was held in CERTH, Thessaloniki. During the meeting, the participants had the chance for the first time after 1.5 years of project progress to meet each other in person while a fruitful and successful meeting was held.

During the PRECEPT meeting according to the schedule, all participants visited the CERTH’s smart house that is serving as the pre-pilot building for hosting the PRECEPT ecosystem approach before deploying to the demonstration cases.

During the visit to the CERTH smart home the following topics were presented:

  • RES and storage involvement
  • EV charging
  • Sensors deployment
  • 3D laser scanning procedures

All partners expressed their interest during the smart home showcasing and were impresed with the technologies already applied.

During this 3-day meeting, 3 workshops were held in parallel for coordinating the participants’ efforts.

  1. The PRECEPT exploitation workshop by Dr Peter Mogyorosi and Peter Ruzicska from Laser Consulting (LCII)
  2. The pilot sensors and deployment workshop and findings held by Andre Van Delft and Mohamed Elagiry from Demo Consultants (DEMO) aligned with the technology implementations and instructions from the team of the project’s technical leader CERTH (Asimina Dimara, Stelios Krinidis, Vasilieios Vasilopoulos) as well as
  3. Technical workshop with Sergio Herrera and Niccolo Zangrando from POLIMI (PMI) and the CERTH development team.


The PRECEPT Coordinator Mr Konstantinos Arvanitis from WATT+VOLT (WVT) stated:

This first in-person meeting was held indeed with great success, while all of us had the chance to work together, solve issues and add great value to the work that has been conducted so far.

I am delighted to meet each one of the Project Partners in person after 1.5 years of meetings that were held remotely and behind a microphone and a camera. This general assembly session was inspirational and a great motivation for all participants towards the PRECEPT next steps, for serving a fruitful and successful PRECEPT approach.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to all the partners who attended, especially Kanela Karatzia and Christos Tzouvaras from the WATT+VOLT team who assisted in holding a successful meeting and also thank the CERTH team for hosting the meeting at the CERTH’s venue.

We have already arranged our next plenary and in-person appointment.