MIWENERGIA is an electricity retailer company focused on providing high added value services. Renewable energy technologies, electric vehicle, implementation of smart meters and the readiness of ICT, offer an opportunity to provide new services and generate new opportunities that go really further in utilities traditional business model. With that in mind the strategy of the company is to position itself as a service provider with innovative energy efficiency solutions.


MIWenergia is an SME located in Murcia and operates through the whole Spanish territory. The company has several business activities as like the following:

  • Electricity retailer, supplying power to a wide range of clients all over the Spanish market.
  • Renewable Energy Generator. The company has developed solar installations for self-consumption to different clients
  • Energy auditor. MyEnergia is an energy services supplier State officialy registered.
  • Provider of innovative solutions in energy efficiency field.
  • Energy management software developer. MIWenergia R&D department supported by the University of Murcia has developed MIW+, an energy management software, that applies artificial intelligence to energy consumption data offering high added value information to company clients empowering them and improving energy savings.
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My Energia Oner S.L.

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