Kaunas University of Technology (hereinafter – KTU) originates from the University of Lithuania founded in Kaunas on 16 February 1922. The largest and oldest technological university in Lithuania, KTU has played the most important roles in the building of the identity of the regional and national academic environment, fostering and preservation of cultural and ethical values, promotion of the development of society and education as well as research and innovation breakthrough.


Being one of the leading interdisciplinary and competitive university, developing and transferring new knowledge and innovations, KTU constantly strengthens its positions at the international level. Today, KTU is a member of such influential international organisations and associations as EUA, CESAER, ECIU, etc. KTU is in cooperation with more than 350 research and academic institutions in 54 countries of the world as well as the representatives of international business enterprises.


Early 9.000 young and talented people study at KTU; therefore KTU offer a number of services for the development of employer’s image and solutions for the search of employees (employer branding, solutions for the search of employees, non-formal education of students, etc.).


The information system APCIS, operated by the Open Access Center, includes more than 1200 services provided by over 1400 KTU researchers and can be used by business entities and public organizations. OAC is accessed as “one-stop shop” system.


The research at KTU, carried out by approximately a thousand academic employees across 9 faculties and 8 research institutes, produced near 1000 scientific publications in 2020. KTU took part in 244 international and national projects, including Horizon 2020, EIT, Interreg, Intergovernmental cooperation programmes, etc. and participated in 63 COST actions. Active cooperation in projects and networking ensure KTU scientific potential ant this confirm 67 start-ups since 2014, radical innovations patented in the USA, Europe and Asia – 23 national and 14 international patents were valid at KTU in 2019.


Based on the QS World University Rankings 2021, KTU’s reputation among employers and academic partners is growing. In 2021 KTU is ranked 801-1000 and is among the thousand best universities in the world. In QS EECA (Emerging Europe & Central Asia) KTU ranks 50th. In “Times Higher Education” KTU is ranked under 1001+ section. The highest ratings KTU receive under “international image”, “reputation among the academic community and employers”, “current and future academic staff”, “competitiveness in the international study arena” indicators.

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