Frederick Research Center (FRC) is a leading research non-profit organization in Cyprus. It was established in 1995 in order to create a solid foundation for the development of scientific research activities of Cypriot and foreign scientists. Members of the FRC are the faculty of the Frederick University and independent scientists that promote their research through their collaboration with the FRC. Since its establishment, the Center has been involved in more than 50 externally funded research projects The research initiatives and activities that are being carried out at the Center, have been funded predominantly from external sources through competitive national and European programs, including Horizon2020, LIFE, ERASMUS+, LLP, FP7 and from Regional Funds (INTERREG).


Besides the self-funded creative and other projects, the staff has implemented or currently running more than a hundred R&D and consulting projects, the majority of which are coordinated by FRC researchers. As a consequence, the necessary services have been developed (e.g. Research, Financial, International & Public Relations) that provide the required support for the administrative, legal and financial management of funded projects such as the one proposed. The Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) of FRC ( is an ISO 9000 certified group, which engages with state-of-the-art research in the fields of experimental and computational building physics, sustainable energy technologies, and also offers high- quality laboratory and consulting services.


SERG has been involved in a number of research projects in these fields (PCPLASTER – M-ERA.NET Transnational Call 2012, budget 250 k€; BioVernacular- National Framework Program of RPF for 2009-2010, budget 100 k€, SupERB – RPF for Research, Technological Development and Innovation “Restart 2016-2020”, Smart Growth, Integrated Projects budget 1,1 M€; ACES – ERACOBUILD, budget 400 k€. The members of the SERG also have a rich collection of peer reviewed publications in scientific journals and proceedings in the thematic areas of energy efficiency and energy upgrading of buildings, as well as building physics and Life Cycle Assessment of individual building elements or whole buildings.

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