Contecht is an innovative small software company developing custom tailored application for the wider construction industry. Contecht was founded for supporting complete lifecycles of construction technologies. We can help with IT strategy setting, IT strategy implementation, custom tailored software development, software and hardware configuration, and intellectual property questions. Contecht also works closely together with international researchers to make sure that we deliver worldwide leading innovations to our clients.


Being at the edge of IT development is crucial for maintaining competitive advantage on the international and local, construction markets. In the complex and dynamic project-based environment of the construction industry, being able to stay on the cutting edge of developments requires an IT infrastructure that is as configurable, flexible, and adaptive as the services you are delivering to your clients. These solutions can only be delivered based on a comprehensive view of the organization that allows for implementing agile service-based IT strategies and continuous on the job learning programs for all employees of how to customize the continuously evolving services to the existing project needs.


Contecht works on developing configurable, flexible, and adaptive IT systems. Our services provide support for the entire trajectory of IT implementations by identifying requirements based on your key business areas, setting-up flexible service based soft- and hardware architectures, re-configuring and adapting existing soft- and hardware infrastructures, as well as developing entire software solutions. Our development philosophy is simple: We aim at providing agile, flexible, and open systems that leverage the power of state-ofthe-art web drawing upon the latest best-of-its-kind open source software development frameworks.

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Contecht GMBH

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