Politecnico di Milano was established in 1863. Its most eminent professors have included the mathematician Francesco Brioschi, Luigi Cremona, and Giulio Natta (Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1963). PMI is now ranked as one of the most outstanding European universities in Engineering, Architecture and Industrial Design. PMI is participating in the project with three research units from the Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria. PMI has five campuses, 9 Schools (6 of Engineering, 2 of Architecture, Industrial Design) and over 40.000 students. Research is carried out on a wide range of technical and scientific subjects by 16 Departments.


PMI is a member of ECTP – European Construction Platform (www.ectp.org) and E2B Association (www.e2bei.eu). PMI is also a member of EERA (European Energy Research Alliance), a virtual centre of excellence that has promoted Joint Programming initiative on Smart Cities. The Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingengeria (DEIB) is one of the major ICT university departments in Europe, with over 800 members. DEIB professors Carlo Ghezzi and Stefano Ceri have been recipients of three IDEAS ERC Grants of 2.5 million € each in the 2008 Call, for the projects Self-Managing Situated Computing (SMScom) and Search Computing (SeCo) and Genomic Computing (GeCo). DEIB has participated to 69 FP7 projects, for a total cost value of 31M€ (24M€ funding), of which 10 were coordinated by DEIB. DEIB has participated to 81 H2020 projects, for a total funding value of 25,3M€, of which 13 are/were coordinated by DEIB.


Some of these are: EnCompass, Penny, Safecop, Sprint, Imprex, Ecopotential, Safecop, Smartsurg. Research areas include Systems and Control, Computer Science and Engineering, Telecommunications, Electronics, and Bioengineering. DEIB participates to the project with the Web data and society group (Prof. Piero Fraternali), which addresses technologies, design methods, and tools for the design of mobile outdoor applications and for big data management systems, information management and querying on the Web, multimedia and social media communication management.

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