Odin Solutions (OdinS) is a SME founded in August 2014 and accredited as innovative ICT company (EIBT) by MINECO and ANCES. OdinS has a strong background in the R&D fields of Internet of Things, Security and Data Analytic which have been proven in European research projects like ARMOUR, CPaaS.io, ANASTACIA, IoTCrawler, DEMETER, Fed4IoT, 5GinFire, Plug-n-Harvest among others. The OdinS personeel have strong expertise in research and development of IoT embedded systems and data management platforms for water/energy efficiency, security and tele-management of infrastructures. OdinS manufactures a wide range of IoT sensors and controllers based on Internet communications (6lowpan, COAP, REST, MQTT, etc) that enable the remote control and integration of legacy sensors and actuators.


OdinS has several patents in the area of monitoring and tele-control systems. OdinS provides open, flexible and interoperable products able to connect infrastructures and mobile platforms for Smart Cities and Smart Buildings. The multidisciplinary and enterprising team of OdinS everyday work to face new challenges of a society that is becoming more connected and technological. OdinS considers the R&D collaboration activities as the best inversion to achieve more competitive products and solutions. Therefore, OdinS is member of the international IoT-Forum and AIOTI (Alliance for internet of things innovation).


Moreover, OdinS participates actively in different standardization institutions (IETF, IRTF and ETSI) for IoT, security and information management. In particular, OdinS collaborates for the industrial standardization group of the ISG CIM (Cross-sector Context Information Management) in ETSI with the aim of designing interoperable interfaces between IoT devices and Data Management platforms. There are currently 2 active I.D. (Internet Drafts) in IRTF T2TRG (Thing-to-Thing Research Group) and IETF LAKE (Lightweight Authenticated Key Exchange) where OdinS is participating; one of them is adopted as working group item, which increases the probability of becoming an RFC. The two current I.D. are (ietf-lake-reqs)[1] and (sarikaya-t2trg-sbootstrapping)[2]. Previous participation in I.D. efforts related to IoT and security concern the ACE Working Group where a proposal to carry out bootstrapping using an optimized EAP lower layer is presented [3]. Other proposals include how to use the DTLS to add flexibility to the security at application layer as well as transport layer[4] and how to extend LoRaWAN Joining Procedure with AAA [5][6].

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  • [2] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-sarikaya-t2trg-sbootstrapping/
  • [3] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-marin-ace-wg-coap-eap/
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  • [6] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-garcia-radext-radius-lorawan/


Some of the awards received by OdinS are:

  • Award in the National SocInfo 2014 for SmartCities Solutions.
  • Finalist in the National Startup4Cities 2014.
  • Award in the National EnerTIC 2014.
  • Award in the International IoT360 2014 (Internet of Things Summit).
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Odin Solutions SL

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